Contact Information

River Oaks Police Department
4900 River Oaks Blvd
River Oaks, Texas 76114-3007
Phone: (817) 626-1991
Fax: (817) 626-0833

Police Department Phone Extensions
Chief of Police Charles Stewartx331
Deputy Chief of Police Eric Perkinsx303
Rhonda Ripple (Inter-Agency Records)x304
CID Lieutenant Steven Nance (Criminal Investigation Division)x306
Patrol Sergeant Trent Moore (Day Shift Supervisor)x305
Patrol Sergeant Ashley Stringer (Night Shift Supervisor)x336
Warrant Officer Robert Cantux319
Patrol Sergeant Timothy Whitley (Night Shift Supervisor
Training Coordinator)
Detective Petru Stanilax340
ACO Jaque Brown (Animal Control)x333
Patrol Sergeant Cristobal Meza (Day Shift Supervisor
Department Recruiter)

Crime Tips & Traffic Complaints

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