Telephone Scammers Pretending To Be Local Law Enforcement

May 31st, 2016

Officers of the River Oaks Police Department as well as agencies in surrounding jurisdictions have seen a rise in fictitious telephone calls to residents in the community. The caller will identify themselves to the victim as a Police Officer or Sheriff’s Deputy. They will tell the citizen that they are attempting to collect fines or fees that the victim supposedly owes.

The caller will tell the victim that they missed jury duty, that they have a fine of some sort to pay or that they have a loved one that has been arrested and needs to be bonded out of jail. The caller will then instruct the victim to go out and purchase prepaid credit cards or debit cards. The caller will give the victim a number to call back when they have purchased the card and the person who answers will instruct the victim to give the card numbers to them over the phone. The caller might also ask the victim to provide personal credit card information over the telephone as well.

In the event that you receive a telephone call from someone representing them self to be with a law enforcement agency, ask the person their name, their identification number, the agency that they work for and the exact reason for the call. Do not give any personal information to the caller.

Tell the caller that you are going to call your local police department to verify their identity. Don’t let them talk you out of it. They may try to give you a number to call back to “verify” their identity. This is part of the scam because the person who answers the “verification” number is also in on the scam.

The caller may threaten you with arrest, with higher fines, sending someone to your home or some other penalty. Don’t listen to them. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Hang up the phone and call the River Oaks Police Department at 817-626-1991 ext. 301 to report the event and allow one of our officers to follow up with you.

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